Hysteria, Omnibus



HYSTERIA by Steve Chambers - Omnibus edition of the Woman's Hour Serial.

Against the background of rising hysteria in the Middlesborough community over the murders of prostitutes, Denise's dreams of a happy second marriage, even a family (at 40), are challenged as circumstantial evidence seems to point the finger at husband Phil.

We've all done things in the past that we'd prefer to keep under wraps.

How much do you tell your new partner if you're trying to make a good impression?

Can one small lie unravel a marriage?

Denise.... Christine Kavanagh

Phil.... Michael Hodgson

Kath.... Celia Hewitt

Sheree.... Colleen Prendergast

Jimmy.... Sean Baker

John.... Jude Akuwudike

Nurse.... Sally Orrock

Policemen.... Michael Shelford & Tony Bell

Director: David Hunter

The issues raised in the drama are entirely complementary to Woman's Hour. Developed at the Bore Place workshop with the aim of telling a contemporary story with a small cast and making full use of the 5-part structure this serial addresses not only the fragile dynamics of a marriage but also the rather taboo subject of men paying for sex and how a community can so easily be whipped into a suspicious frenzy.

Steve Chambers has written extensively for film, TV, theatre and radio. His radio credits include 'Scandinavian Dreams' and 'The Ice Factory' both for Radio 3. Other original work includes 'The Coup' and two series of 'Victoria Station' for Radio 4. Radio adaptations include 'Waterland', 'The Grapes of Wrath', 'Sister Carrie' and 'The Pledge' for Radio 4. His dramatisation of James Ellroy's autobiography 'My Dark Places' starred Toby Stephens and was broadcast by BBC World Service to coincide with the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Denise's marriage unravels as hysteria rises over prostitute murders in Middlesborough.