Hut 33


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The Bletchley Park codebreakers grapple with the complexities of religion. Stars Robert Bathurst. From July 2007.

The Bletchley Park code-breakers grapple with the complexities of religion.

Archie is looking forward to seeing his brother who is back on leave, but conflicts of faith threaten to intervene.

Gordon is worried about the afterlife and discovers Minka has a religious past, whilst Joshua's idea of faith is confused.

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An American visitor is joining Hut 33.

He seems to be very wealthy and very gullible, which presents Charles with an irresistible chance to fleece him.

Not only does he have more money than sense, but he also happens to be Roosevelt's nephew.

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Can the wartime codebreakers improve Anglo-French relations with a little derring-do? Stars Robert Bathurst. From November 2009.

French resistance operative Marie-Anne is looking for brave, resourceful and courageous men to help her on an intelligence mission over France.

Instead she meets the occupants of Hut 33.

Archie, Gordon and Charles are all keen to impress their new lady friend, while Minka takes an irrational dislike to a fellow resistance fighter.

Could things get any worse? With Joshua in charge of supplies and his brother Neville flying the plane, the answer is yes.

Bletchley Park, 1942: can the wartime code breakers improve Anglo-French relations with a little derring-do?

Stars Tom Goodman-hill as Archie, Robert Bathurst as Professor Charles Gardner, Fergus Craig as Gordon, Alex MacQueen as 3rd Lt. Joshua Featherstonhaugh-Marshall, Olivia Colman as Minka and Lill Roughley as Mrs Best.

Written by James Cary.

Producer: Adam Bromley

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in November 2009.