The Hungry Years Or Confessions Of A Food Addict

By William Leith, abridged by Neville Tenner.

Read by John Sessions.


01The Fattest Day Of My Life20050808

By William Leith, abridged by Neville Tenner.

Read by John Sessions.It's early in 2003 and journalist William Leith steps onto the scales to discover that he is 16 stone 12 pounds, the fattest he has ever been in his life.

On arrival in New York to interview diet guru Robert Atkins whom he is hoping may be his saviour, he follows along the pavements of Manhattan an obese 20 stone plus woman, who serves him the horrible reminder that he is fat!.

02French Fries20050809

William Leith cannot resist popping in for a portion of French fries at one of the plentiful fast food restaurants in Manhattan.

Who can he blame for being so fat? And why haven't all the diets he has tried worked? He is introduced to Dr.

Robert Atkins.

Can this man be his salvation where all others have failed?

03Dr Robert C Atkins20050810

Continuing the memoirs of journalist William Leith and his struggle in 2003 against his habit of food bingeing.

He interviews diet guru Robert Atkins, and immediately starts a low-carb diet.

He starts to lose weight but meanwhile the world is getting fatter.

45 days after his interview Dr Atkins is in a coma fighting for his life.

04The Paradigm Theory20050811

As Dr Atkins lies in a coma, the author, now much slimmer, argues the theory that the low-carb diet could be a scientific revolution.

After 30 years of fat is bad, carbs are good, along comes Atkins to rock the boat for the second time.

Following his death, the Atkins backlash comes into being.

05 LASTThe Solution20050812

In the final part of Leith's memoirs of his struggle to lose weight and overcome his addictions, he visits Fat is a Feminist Issue author Susie Orbach who recommends therapy sessions.

During the year Leith has become slimmer, but what is the answer to the world obesity crisis as society becomes fatter, lazier, more anxious and depressed?