How To Survive The Roman Empire, By Pliny And Me



Pliny is put out when one of his dinner guests fails to show up.

Pliny is put out when one of his guests fails to show up for dinner, though his mother is delighted by another guest, Martial the poet, much to Venta's disapproval. Venta has a visitation in the night from Pliny's dead uncle, Pliny the Elder - or was it just a dream? Then a visit from the obnoxious Regulus gives rise to a secret that Venta is compelled to keep from his Master. Pliny, meanwhile, in fear of his life at the hands of the Emperor, is thinking about his legacy.

Hattie Naylor's drama is based on real letters written by Pliny to his family and friends nearly two thousand years ago.

Music composed by Pete Flood and performed by Pete Flood (percussion), Laura Cannell (recorder, crumhorn), Rhodri Davies (harp), and Paul Sartin (oboe, cor anglais)

Historical Consultant: Dr Peter Jones

Sound: Nigel Lewis

Production Coordinator: Eleri McAuliffe

Produced and Directed by Kate McAll.