How My Sister Said Goodbye



Jonathan Freedland tells the story of how his sister Fiona prepared a unique audio legacy for her family and friends in the weeks leading up to her death at the age of 50.

After Fiona Freedland was diagnosed with cancer in her mid 40s, she resolved to leave behind a record of her life for her loved ones to remember her by. A lifelong listener to Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, Fiona asked her brother Jonathan to make an unofficial version of the programme, interviewing her whilst she picked the music that would tell the story of her life. Over the course of one special afternoon not long before she died, Jonathan fulfilled Fiona's wish.

Fiona's husband and daughters reflect on this unique piece of audio: a moving document of a life cut short, the story of a woman seeking to establish the terms by which she would be remembered.

Producer: Laurence Grissell.