A Hospital Odyssey



Gwyneth Lewis's new drama is a contemporary version of The Odyssey set in an NHS Hospital. A woman sets off on a journey to save her husband's life. As she hears the dreaded diagnosis, cancer, the hospital lurches and her fear sets her on a quest to save him. As Maris confronts her deepest fears her world slides into science-fiction. She must face dark creatures and tests of her resolve - a dragon in the bowels of the hospital, a Microbe's Ball, and The Cancer Mother herself.

Starring Alexandra Roache (who played the young Margaret Thatcher to Meryl Streep's Iron Lady) as Maris, and Alex Beckett (Twenty Twelve's Jubilympic creative Barney) as Wilson the talking dog.

Gwyneth Lewis was the first Poet Laureate of Wales. She wrote her original poem A Hospital Odyssey drawing on very personal experience after her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

Written and dramatised by Gwyneth Lewis

Music and sound design by Gary C. Newman

Produced and directed by Allegra McIlroy.