Hopes And Desires

comedies about unconscious yearnings.


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Bill Nighy stars as Professor Tristram Swann, a saucy university lecturer with a taste for Italian poetry, woo-ing young female students, and sampling Spaghetti Vongole in various romantic Italian cities.

But what is he really after? Using carefully selected stanzas from Petrarch, he charms the ladies into visiting Rome, Florence, Bologna and Venice in an attempt to fulfil his romantic desires.

But just as his favourite dish, Spaghetti Vongole, often disappoints so does his experience with the young women.

Thrust back into the Oxbridge tutorial room, his Casanova tenancies begin again.

What is the secret behind Professor Swann's obsession with Vongole? Can he learn to kick the habit before it lands him in deeper water than a warm Italian clam? And what is his long-held, but deeply suppressed Hope and Desire?

0102The Non-entity2003051220050914

Dmitri once made a good living writing dull social-realist stories that pleased the ruling Communist Party.

Now times have changed and his work is ignored.

So why has a young woman publisher flown all the way from London to meet him?

0103The Toad Squad2003051920040130
20120129 (BBC7)
20120130 (BBC7)
20050921 (R4)

Reg, bitter at being retired prematurely, finds a toad crushed on the road as it was crossing to mate.

Now Reg has a mission.

In future none of the toad's fellow creatures will end up looking like flattened gardening gloves.

0104 LASTThe Anniversary Waltz20030526

Max and Shirely bicker all day long in their north London deli.

Max believes the customers love their bantering, but Shirley has had enough.

There must be more to life than this?

0201Catching Heathcliff2007012920080115

Lindsey, an incurable romantic, yearns to meet a modern- day Heathcliff.

When she does, she rashly sends him a romantic letter, and immediately regrets it.

Her long-suffering friend Graham is then pushed into an elaborate and wildly comic campaign to retrieve it.

0202Battersea Triangle2007020520080122

Spineless Dougie has become domestically embroiled with Angela, his boss at work.

He's deeply regretting it.

So when he meets passive, unconditionally adoring India, his problems seem to be over.

Or are they just beginning?

0203 LASTThe Dangers Of Self Hypnosis2007021220080129

Maurice has problems dating.

So he buys a self-hypnosis CD to explore his subconscious in order to find love.

But then the CD sticks, leaving him stranded in his own psyche.

Fortunately, beautiful Rachel's CD has stuck too.