Hong Kong By Night

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2009010120101229Locked out of her apartment, Poppy is invited by Arthur to explore Hong Kong by night.|Love story by In-Sook Chappell.|Locked out of her apartment, Poppy can either wait in the lobby for morning or accept Arthur's invitation to explore Hong Kong by night.|Arthur....Oliver Williams
  • waitress....waitress - nina kwok|director: abigail le fleming
  • alice....nina kwok|directed by abigail le fleming
  • poppy....Liz Sutherland
  • waitress....nina kwok|directed by abigail le fleming|by in-sook chappell.|locked out of her apartment, poppy can either wait for dawn in the lobby, or accept arthur's invitation to explore hong kong by night...|a love story about loneliness and belonging from an award-winning young writer.|arthur - oliver williams|poppy - liz sutherland|alice