Hong Kong


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SBH:Hong Kong election - final results show a pro-democracy victory, although they narrowly failed to take an overall majority.

Report by James Miles.

Newsreader: Corrie Corfield.

From: R4 0800 News.

PRE:News: final results.

Miles: Democratic Party's performance exceeded expectations of many observers.

Many voets ignored China's warnings that voting for the Democrats would lead to chaos & confrontation.

results will be considerable embarrassment to Beijing.

OTN:T 79873 TXN/TDT:R4 18-Sep-1995 CON:MILES James (spkr) CORFIELD Corrie (rdr)

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18 Sep 1995 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Corrie Corfield (rdr)

James Miles (Speaker)

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SBH:Hong Kong - right of abode.

Home Secretary Michael Howard (CREDIT GMTV) reiterates there will be no change to policy, which is to offer 50,000 heads of families the possibilty of coming to Britain, despite Governor Patten's suggestion that restrictions should be eased.

Reactions from David Wilshire MP ("we are full up") and Dame Lydia Dunn.

Report by Matthew Amroliwala.

From: R4 1800 News.

Broadcast history

24 Sep 1995 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Rory Morrison (rdr)

Michael Howard (Speaker)

Matthew Amroliwala (Speaker)

David Wilshire (Speaker)

Lydia Dunn (Speaker)

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