When you're a child your home feels like the centre of the universe. As a teenager it starts to feel claustrophobic. You begin to hate all it represents with a passion and can't wait to leave. Until one day, when you're faced with losing it for good, you find you're going to miss it with all your heart. Paul Dodgson's drama is about what makes a home, what sustains a home and what happens when it's about to disappear forever.

A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Kate McAll.

By David Storey *20090111

A poignant, often darkly funny play which looks at the lives of five people.

First staged in 1970, David Storey's Home was a major critical success.

But who are they and where are they?

Harry....Michael Maloney

  • alfred....Harry Myers

    adapted for radio and directed by Martin Jenkins

  • jack....Adrian Scarborough
  • kathleen....Julia Mckenzie
  • marjorie....lindsey coulson