Holly And The Ivy, The

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20051225The magic of Christmas works in mysterious ways in this classic stage play by Wynward Browne, set in 1947.|Adapted for radio by Jonathan Hall.|Gregory....Kenneth Alan Taylor|Margaret....Susannah Harker|Jenny....Eve Best|David....Matthew Pidgeon|Bridget....Maureen Toal|Lydia....Ann Rye|Richard....Philip Voss.
Norfolk 194720101217 (BBC7)
20101218 (BBC7)
20111221 (BBC7)
20111222 (BBC7)
A parson tries to find the true meaning of Christmas.|Wynyard Browne's classic play stars Kenneth Alan Taylor.|
Programme Catalogue - Details: 23 December 199019901223Producer: M.|JENKINS|Next in series: 25 December 2005|Description|Wynyard BROWNE's play, set in a country vicarage in 1950.|Christmas spirit and values are sorely tested.|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|23 Dec 1990 14:30-15:30 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|Geoffrey Beevers (Actor)|Stephen Murray (Actor)|John Samson (Actor)|Jane Knowles (Actor)|William Fox (Actor)|Nora Nicholson (Actor)|Isobel Black (Actor)|Shelagh Fraser (Actor)|Wynyard Browne (Author)|Martin Jenkins (Producer)|Recorded on 1990-10-20.