Holland's Shorts

Comic monologues by Dominic Holland.

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0120060824Comic monologues by Dominic Holland.Dominic discusses a pay-and-display car park, airport shopping and the flavour of a chicken.
0220060831Dominic considers The Theory of Evolution, ponders the behaviour of the professional traveller and wonders which is better - the sandwich or the wrap?
0320060907Dominic considers TV chefs, cereal manufacturers and teachers.
0420060914Dominic considers caravans, arcade games and the perils of the kidney bean.
0520060921Dominic considers the pro-celebrity golf circuit, the holiday destination of Austria and a fish called Oscar.
06 LAST20060928Dominic considers how to steal a cash machine, delights in the return of the honesty box and wonders why so many people are depressed.