History's Witness

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20070702Investigating the Past|1/2.|Jennifer Harbinson's father was murdered by an IRA bomb.|She has waited three decades to find out who did it, and why.|There are 3,267 other families have lived with similar questions about how and why their loved ones were murdered.|For the past two years, Kevin Connolly, the BBC's Ireland Correspondent, has been given exclusive access to the work of the Historical Enquiries Team - set up to review all of these deaths.
20070709Costing the Truth|2/2.|Eugene Reavey has spent three decades searching for the truth about the murder of his brothers.|He has put his trust in one man to give him the answers.|That man is Dave Cox, one of the UK's most experienced policemen, and head of the Historical Enquiries Team - tasked with looking at all 3,268 deaths during the Troubles.|The BBC's Ireland Correspondent, Kevin Connolly, has had exclusive access to the team and to the families they're working with.