History Retweeted


04 LASTThe Fall Of The Berlin Wall2014031220160323 (R4)

The programme that sends us back in time as we hear people from the past comment on a series of major world events, in less than 140 characters.

In The Fall of The Berlin Wall, East meets West in the field of online dating, 80's children's programming pops up on your screen, and Tim Berners-Lee tweets about his world-changing new invention.

Turning statuses into sounds, History Retweeted transports us to timelines gone by, feeding hashtags, trolls and trending topics into moments from history.

Featuring the voices of Tim Barnes and Simon Berry, Wayne Forester and Annabelle Llewellyn, Peter Temple and Jelly Macintosh. With Lucy Beaumont as the voice of The Computer.

Written by Tim Barnes and Simon Berry

Produced by Sally Harrison

A Woolyback production for BBC Radio 4.