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20151028 (BBC7)
20170305 (BBC7)

Last in Nigel Smith's series of plays set at key moments in the last five decades.

A History of Tony Blair in 9 1/2 voices stars Jon Culshaw as Tony Blair, lost in the winding corridors of the BBC the day after his resignation. He finds himself sharing a room with Sue (Fiona Allen), a struggling impressionist who assumes he is a Tony Blair lookalike. Blair enjoys the opportunity to talk about himself in the third person, and to show off a few impressions of his own.

A darkly comic but thoughtful exploration of what makes Blair tick, the play gives a compelling explanation for what may have lain behind Blair's early political successes and what prompted his unwavering commitment to the war in Iraq.

Written and directed by Nigel Smith

Produced by Gareth Edwards.

Tony Blair has just resigned. Somewhere in the BBC he gets mistaken for his own lookalike.