A History Of War And Peace In Four Menus

Four re-creations of historical dinners served to celebrate treaties which shaped the world.


01The Battle Of Plassey1998090520070819 (BBC7)
20070820 (BBC7)

Leslie Forbes relives the events which led Clive of India to establish the Raj.

Guests Jatinder Verma, Robert Harvey and Parminder Vir enjoy a Moghal meal, dancing girls and a game of chess.

Leslie Forbes explores the beginning of the Raj and its culinary legacy with some special guests and a lavish feast.

02The Louisiana Purchase1998091220070826 (BBC7)
20070827 (BBC7)

Chris Bigsby and guests taste a historical feast and reflect on a treaty that changed the course of American history.

Chris Bigsby and guests set out on the Thames for a historical feast and a chance to reflect on the international shopping opportunity that enabled Jefferson to double the size of the United States.

03The Treaty Of Troyes19980919

Lisa Jardine sets her table at Hampton Court with chef Laura Mason to test the taste of Henry V's conquest of France.

Guests Anne Curry and Joan Smith join her to look back at history through Tudor eyes.

04 LAST19980926

Richard Coles and guests recreate a meal from the time of Genghis Khan in a Mongolian tent in a wood in Kent.