Histories Of Nothing

A work in progress by Emma Donoghue - five short stories from the margins of history.


01Figures Of Speech2000061220001008

read by Frances Tomelty.

On a hot summer's day in 1632, Mary Stuart O'Donnell, Countess Tyrconnell, daughter of Rory the O'Donnell, sits down to write her last will and testament.

02The Lost Seed2000061320001015

read by James Wilby. In the middle of the 17th century, in the new colony of Cape Cod, Richard Berry reflects on the hardships and temptations of a settler's life.

03A Short Story2000061420001022

read by Frances Tomelty.

A literary speculation about the life of Caroline Crachiami, the smallest person ever recorded.

04Night Vision2000061520001029

read by Flora Montgomery. One night in Donegal in the 1820s, Frances Brown waits beside her sleeping brothers and sisters for her father to come home and tell her what is to become of her.

05 LASTDaddy's Girl2000061620001105

read by Lorelei King. When Murray Hall dies in 1901, his daughter Minnie discovers that her daddy was a woman.