Five specially commissioned stories giving voice to figures from the historical or mythical past.


LS01I, Boadicea2001021220020120

On the eve of battle, Boadicea keeps vigil in her encampment, planning her vengeance on the Romans and contemplating the omens for the following day's encounter. Read by Vanessa Redgrave. By Fay Weldon


is a fading relic, propped in a corner of a Bristol boatyard, and the ship she was carved for is a museum piece. But her memories are vivid. Read by Elizabeth Bell. By Pippa Gladhill


By Sara Maitland. A young Spanish soldier, part-crazed with hunger and the lust for power, drifts down the Amazon, locked in a struggle with the jungle around him and his own passions. Read by Douglas Hodge


It is Easter 1882, and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti lies dying. But he must perform one last act of artistic sabotage to set his conscience at rest. Read by Patricia Hodge. By Bonnie Greer

LS05 LASTEver After2001021620020217

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, is ferried along a river on her journey in the afterlife. Where is she being taken, and will she be reunited with the lover for whose sake she has taken her own life? Read by the author, Souad Faress.