His Masters Voice

Political satire by Mark Tavener, set in the offices of The Blue Touch Paper, the weekly magazine for the thinking Tory.



The magazine has become so Blue that it is sadly out of touch, with a declining and ageing readership. The time has come to appoint a new editor who favours compassionate Cameron conservatism.


Following a successful first edition, Keith decides that this week's Blue Touch should focus on the Tory's green agenda, much to the chagrin of Lord Malan who spends his life on planes and likes watching ice melt.


Keith decides that it's time for a Gordon Brown Special, but can the team unite on the angle they take and avoid just being rude about Scotland? And how will Giles contribute when he's busy testing 25 different whiskies for a consumer comparison article?

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Much to Keith's disgust, Lord Malan decides that he wants a globalization special with a celebrity angle. Giles finds himself covering the topic in a burger bar.