Hidden History


Blacker Than Black20011020

The story of Nathaniel Wells, the domestic slave of a plantation owner who returned to Britain and became completely assimilated by the polite society of the early 1800s.

Universal Tongue20011011

Rudolph Walker gives a tour of literature from the African diaspora, discussing the dilemma of whether to write in the language of the ex-colonial power or in their mother tongue.

Betrayal - The Trial Of William Davidson20011001

By Tanika Gupta, based on the 1820 Cato Street Conspiracy.

William Davidson, opposed to an oppressive government, has to decide whether to betray his country or his principles.

Blood For Britain20011008

By Michael McMillan.

Drama set during World War II about Charles Drew, the blood plasma pioneer, who had a very private war to fight for his own freedom.

Our Children Free And Happy20011008

The story of the attempt by a group of freed black slaves and British philanthropists to found a `Province of Freedom' in Sierra Leone, in 1787.

When Tiger Woods Comes To Tiger Bay20011015

By Leonora Brito.

Marcus's search for identity becomes focused when he learns of his white grandmother's involvement in the 1919 Cardiff race riots.