Hidden Histories - Stories From The Bath Festival

Stories performed on stage at the Guildhall in Bath exploring secrets and memories.


AR01Lunch With The Latest Floozy20050228

By Rachel Fixsen

When a protective mother meets her son and his latest partner for lunch, all the ingredients are in place for a prickly encounter.

Read by Stephanie Cole.

AR02Deceiving Mr Pemberley20050301

By Crysse Morrison.

Julie doesn't expect much of her Care course placement with blind Mr Pemberley every Wednesday afternoon, and her creative solution to boredom causes her a major dilemma.

Read by Devon Black.

AR03Leo's War20050302

By Julia Stoneham

When Leo and his brothers take on the challenge of beating the tide across the beach and under the cliffs, the exploit turns into a frightening rite of passage for the young boy.

Read by Bill Wallace.

AR04My Father As An Ant20050303

By Diana Hendry.

A touching account of a woman's memories of her silent father and his dreams.

Read by Stephanie Cole.

AR05 LASTMastermind20050304

Written and read by Sheila Hannon.

Kai lai lumps and lollyade, lemonade powder, rainbow crystals, dib dabs, Bassett's sherbert fountains - memories of a childhood spent in a sweetshop and of the much-loved father who owned it give a woman all the specialist subject knowledge she would need if she ever appeared on Mastermind.

With special guest John Humphrys