Herr Mozart Presents



One of the most successful periods of Mozart's life was the first half of the 1780s, when, having made his permanent move to Vienna, he appeared before the public there many times as a composer and pianist.

The formats of these concerts were different from those of today; a symphony, for instance, could be broken up and interspersed with vocal items, keyboard improvisations and examples of the genre which Mozart brought to a new level of sophistication at this time - the piano concerto.

Mozart scholar Cliff Eisen explores the atmosphere of Mozart's Viennese concerts, and revisits one in particular, the benefit concert given at the Burgtheater on 11 March 1783 for his sister-in-law, the singer Aloisa Lange


Symphony No.

31 in D major, K297 'Paris' (1st and 2nd movts)

Freiburg Baroque Orchestra / Gottfried von der Goltz (director)

Piano Concerto No.

13 in C major, K415

Malcolm Bilson (fortepiano)

English Baroque Soloists / John Eliot Gardiner (conductor)

Alcandro, lo confesso...

Non so d'onde viene, K294

Natalie Dessay (soprano)

Lyon Opera Orchestra

Theodor Gulschbauer (conductor)

Rondo in D major for piano and orchestra, K382

Malcom Bilson (fortepiano)

English Baroque Soloists

John Eliot Gardiner (conductor)

31 in D major, K297 'Paris' (3rd movt)

Presenter: Cliff Eisen.

Producer: Lindsay Kemp.

Cliff Eisen revisits a concert Mozart gave in Vienna's Burgtheater in March 1783.