Here On A One Way Ticket [Radio Scotland]


01Anna And Mike Christopherson2013012920130203 (RS)


Jennifer Tracey talks to Swedish couple, Anna and Mike Christopherson, about their decision to move to Scotland to set up their business. Anna and Mike also talk about their experience of being migrants living in Scotland and some of the challenges they faced settling into Scottish society.

02Oksana Mavrodii And Tatiana Argounova2013020520130210 (RS)

Jennifer Tracey meets two people from the former Soviet Union who now live in Scotland.


Jennifer Tracey talks to those people who have CHOSEN to make a new life in Scotland. In this episode we meet Oksana & Tanya, both originally from countries within the former Soviet Union, but now living in Scotland. Jen finds out why they chose to study in the UK and also how they ended up in Scotland. Oksana & Tanya reveal whether they'd now call Scotland their home and how they've settled into our culture.

04Mario Caribe And Yann Ghiro2013021920130224 (RS)


Jennifer Tracey talks to musicians Mario Caribe, originally from Brazil and Yann Ghiro, from France. They had never met before, they play different instruments, but both share a common connection; their passion for music took them to Scotland. Their conversation is charmingly interspersed with their music as we hear stories of how they ended up in Scotland and whether they'd now call Scotland their home.

05 LASTJulie Perry And Marian Brown2013022620130303 (RS)


Jennifer Tracey talks to Julie Perry and Marian Brown about their early lives, being raised in Rhodesia and their reasons for coming to live and work in Scotland. Although they've never met before their lives have taken similar paths. They were both raised in Rhodesia to Scottish fathers but moved over to Scotland and settled in Inverness in their adult lives. In this final programme in the conversation series the pair share stories of growing up in Rhodesia and reveal whether they'd now call Scotland their home.