Her Infinite Variety

Five modern plays for Shakespeare's women by Juliet Ace.


01Writing To Veronica19991206

Faced with parental disapproval of the boy of her choice, a young Juliet of today at least has the internet and agony aunt Veronica.

Starring Eleanor Moriarty as Juliet.

Director: Ned Chaillet

02Talking To My Shrink19991207

Confronted by the increasingly maddening (and mad) behaviour of her boyfriend, a 90s Ophelia discusses the nature of insanity with her psychotherapist.

With Gemma Saunders and Gavin Muir.

Director: Sarah Brown.

03Diary Of A Dutiful Daughter19991208

Faced with a doddering dad and a nursing home she runs as a business, what can a modern Goneril do but offer him the box room? Which is more than Sister Cordelia of the Salvation Army has to give.

Starring Anna Massey as Goneril.

04And All That Jazz19991209

Count Orso offers a modern Viola a spectacular `Twelfth Night', with a wardrobe beyond most cross-dressers' dreams.

Starring Bette Bourne as Vi.

05 LASTDirty Linen19991210

Everyone thought Rooky would tame the shrewish Cat, but 20 years on their tempestuous marriage is played out in a national newspaper.

With Elizabeth Bell and Oliver Cotton