Henry's Demons



On a cold February day Henry Cockburn waded into the freezing water of Newhaven Estuary and tried to swim across.

Voices, he said, had told him to do it.

Nearly halfway round the world in Afghanistan journalist Patrick Cockburn learned from his wife that Henry, their son had been admitted to a hospital mental ward.

Thus begins Henry, Patrick and wife Janet Montefiore's extraordinary account of Henry's rapid descent into mental illness.

Raps and song by Henry Cockburn


Patrick Cockburn....Tim McInnerny

Janet Montefiore....Joanna David

Evelyn Waugh....Sam Dale

Young Henry....Julien Stockwell and Oscar Richardson

Producer: Karen Rose

A Sweet Talk Production for BBC Radio 4.

By Patrick and Henry Cockburn.

The impact of schizophrenia on a family.