Hendersons' Christmas Party, The

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01Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer20031222By Alexandra Campbell.|12-year-old Holly is convinced that this will be her last Christmas before her dad elopes with his fancy woman.
02O Come All Ye Faithful20031223by Alexandra Campbell.|Light-hearted and entertaining series of inter-related stories set in five different households at Christmas culminating in the high point of sleepy Parson's Gussett's calendar, the Hendersons' Christmas Party.|Thank goodness Christmas comes but once a year.|Susannah is determined to make this a Christmas her husband and her mother-in-law will never forget.
03Silent Night20031224Her partner having recently traded her in for a younger model, Emma returns home to spend Christmas with the family.
04God Rest You Merry Gentlemen20031225Maddie has it all worked out.|Her perfect family Christmas is organised down to the very last detail.|Then her mother burns down her house, her husband gets drunk at the office party and comes home late, Valerie arrives and causes quite a stir and the children behave like all teenagers should.|And despite her best intentions, Maddie has forgotten the turkey.|Mrs Henderson's Christmas party comes not a moment too soon as at last she realises that happiness comes in many different guises.|Maddie....Jan Ravens Paul....Roger Allam Valerie....Jane Whittenshaw Mum....Elisabeth Kelly Ellie....Ella Vize Mrs Henderson....Ann Reid|/ 4/5.|God Rest You Merry Gentlemen: Maddie's party is organised down to the last detail.|But she doesn't account for the antics of her family.
05It's A Wonderful Time Of Year20031226Mrs Henderson's Boxing Day party has proved an eventful experience for many of her guests.