A week of stories about heartbreak to mark Elvis' first hit, Heartbreak Hotel in 1956.



By Shena Mackay, read by Barbara Flynn.

A schoolgirl's funeral prompts a journey back in time for Louisa.

But why do her stupid boots keep beating out the chorus of Heartbreak Hotel?

AR02On A Roll20060124

By Tania Hershman, read by Nina Wadia.

A woman checks in at a casino with money, kitten heels and a broken heart.

AR03The Return20060125

By Salley Vickers, read by Barbara Flynn.

A perfect evening in Rome is shattered when a woman's married lover finishes the liaison and unwittingly triggers a sequence of devastating repercussions.

AR04Channel 1720060126

By Helen Simpson, read by Phyllis Logan.

Three couples play out different stages of their relationship.

The one thing in common is Channel 17.

AR05 LASTBenjamin20060127

By Marcel Moring, read by Daniel Evans.

A lyrical tale of a young boy's experience in hospital.