The Health Protectors

A year after the over-haul of the country's warning systems for deadly diseases, Winifred Robinson examines whether the changes have left us better protected from dangers ranging from infections and poisons, to chemical and radiation hazards.


01Infectious Diseases20040517

Each of the country's regions has now been given specific responsibility for developing expertise in a given area.

In Leicester Dr Philip Monk is pioneering new techniques and approaches for dealing with diseases like TB, which is prevalent in Leicester.

There are plans for a mobile screening unit and for better health education and disease tracking.

02The Work Of The Health Protection Agency20040524

Today's programme follows the work being done by the new body responsible for protecting public health to combat the spread of diseases like TB, Hepatitis and sexually acquired infections.

03 LAST20040531

Last of three programmes in which Winifred Robinson investigates the work of the Health Protection Agency, a new body responsible for safeguarding public health.