Haunted By More Cake



Producer: E. CHAILLET


Copyright and performance fee Ginger's nephew Lionel has a problem; there's a tea party going on in his stomach and he's fallen in love with one of the guests. What can Ginger do to help? Stars Graham Crowden with Stephen Tompkinson and Joan Matheson.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

22 Mar 1989 15:02-15:47 (RADIO 4)

24 Jun 1990 14:30-15:15 (RADIO 4)


Richard Pearce (Actor)

Jo Kendall (Actor)

Stephen Tompkinson (Actor)

John Bull (Actor)

Nicholas Courtney (Actor)

Philip Sully (Actor)

Joan Matheson (Actor)

Graham Crowden (Actor)

John Warner (Actor)

Joan Walker (Actor)

Victoria Carling (Actor)

Charlotte Green (ann)

Steve Walker (Author)

Ned Chaillet (Producer)

Recorded on 1989-01-28.

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900624]

Unknown: Joan Walker

Unknown: Nicholas Courtenay

Unknown: Jo Kendall

Written By: Steve Walker

Director: Ned Chaillet.

Uncle Ginger: Graham Crowden

Lionel: Stephen Tompkinson

Aunt Maud: Joan Matheson

Charlotte: Victoria Carling

Mario: John Bull

Horace: Richard Pearce

Dr Fitch: Philip Sully

Mr Ebbinghouse: John Warner