Haunted [drama]



By Sally Griffiths.

Professional illusionist, Will Morgan, is to front a TV show in which he exposes spiritualist mediums as frauds.

Hayley Taylor is the spiritualist medium who refuses to back down under Will's scrutiny - a challenge Will can't walk away from.

Both are to have their belief systems sorely tested when a voice from one of their pasts refuses to keep silent.

Starring Steffan Rhodri (Gavin and Stacey) as Will and Zoe Tapper (Desperate Romantics) as Hayley.

Will....Steffan Rhodri

Hayley....Zoe Tapper

Yasmina....Vineeta Rishi

Nick....Henry Devas

Callum....Lloyd Thomas

The waitress...Joanna Monro

Directed by Gemma Jenkins

The writer

Sally Griffiths is half of a screenwriting partnership (with Rachel Cuperman) which has produced 4 commissioned/funded scripts.

They are currently working on a UK Film Council/Bright Films funded project for Samuelson Productions.

She is Senior Script Reader for Working Title and CinemaNX and has worked as a script consultant on films that include 'Tom and Viv', 'Wilde', 'Gabriel and Me' and 'Stormbreaker.' This is Sally's radio debut.

A dark psychological thriller by Sally Griffiths in which the past refuses to stay buried.