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03 LASTHenry Drake Goes Home2012060120160704 (BBC7)

By Neil M. Gunn, first published in 1941.

Read by Robert Jack.

After three decades living in the north of Scotland, the outbreak of World War Two moves an elderly man to return to his home county of Devon.

Short story by Neil M. Gunn, one of Scotland's finest writers who is best known for his novel The Silver Darlings. Gunn was born in 1891, in the coastal village of Dunbeath, in Caithness, and wrote prolifically over a period that spanned the recession of the 1920s through to the aftermath of the Second World War. He died in 1973.

The stories in this series are taken from Half-Light, a new collection of Gunn's short fiction compiled by his nephew Dairmid Gunn and published by Caithness-based Whittles Publishing.

Abridged and produced by Kirsteen Cameron.

The outbreak of war has a strange effect upon an elderly man.