The H File

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by Ismail Kadare Dramatised by Timberlake Wertenbaker In the 1930s, two Harvard scholars travel to Albania to record the local epics and prove that Homer was a performer of such pieces and that he belonged to a long oral tradition which is still thriving.

Based on fact, this is a darkly comic account of small town life, disturbed by the arrival of two foreigners and the inevitable clash of cultures which leads to a tragic misunderstanding.

Max Roth....Samuel West Billy Norton....Aidan McArdle Daisy....Emma Handy Mukadez....Karen Lewis Dul Baxhaja....David Troughton The Mayor....Peter Wight Shtiefan....Russell Layton Mrs Rok....Brenda Cabendish The Hermit, Frok....David Shaw-Parker The Monk, Dushan....Deka Walmsley Directed by Michael Attenborough.