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20110928Michael and Gwen are looking back at their relationship, trying to pinpoint exactly where it all went wrong.|They were happy, once.|Their relationship was full of love, fun and lust.|But with time, bitterness and jealousy has settled in, with arguments and mind games becoming normality.|Something had to give....and it does.|Gwen's treasured drawing turns out to be fake.|Michael's pleasure at this discovery is the last straw for Gwen.|Ian Rowlands' play is a dark and honest account of facing up to the reality of a relationship in crisis.|Michael...|David Birrell|Gwen...|Lynne Seymour|Mother...|Jennifer Hill|Art Dealer...|Richard Mitchley|A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Gwawr Lloyd.|Ian Rowlands' play charts the collapse of a relationship, from loving to loathing.