0120150116 (BBC7)

Ian Hislop and Nick Newman's epic tale of bitter rivals whose destinies are tragically intertwined.

Written by master storyteller "Archie Jeffries", this six-part series is set in Durban at the Transworld Oil Conference - with the world on the brink of war.

What could divide two close friends, the aristocratic Foxwell Cravate (Martin Jarvis) and American tycoon Max Pomeroy (Mac Macdonald), so far apart that their rivalry has come to threaten the human race? There's only one way to find out - with flashbacks - as we discover how their rivalry began at Cambridge.

The two women in the rivals' lives are Lolanthe Diamond (Caroline Quentin) and Arabella Derbyshire (Felicity Montagu). Also featuring Mandy Knight, Julian Dutton and Jonathan Coy.

Spoofing the novels of Jeffrey Archer, Private Eye editor Ian Hislop originally joked that the series was adapted from the blockbuster novel of the same name - aping the style of the best TV mini-series of the 90s.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in November 1994.

0220150123 (BBC7)

Could Cravate and Pomeroy's bitter rivalry ruin Prince Saudi's oil deal for world peace? With Martin Jarvis. From November 1994.

0320150130 (BBC7)

Cravate and Pomeroy face execution. Can Lady Arabella win them a last-minute reprieve? Stars Martin Jarvis. From December 1994.

0420150206 (BBC7)

Cravate and Pomeroy are joined by another prisoner and they plan their escape. With Caroline Quentin. From December 1994.

0520150213 (BBC7)

Ian Hislop and Nick Newman's epic tale of bitter rivals Foxwell Cravate and Max Pomeroy. With Caroline Quentin.

0620150220 (BBC7)

Cravate and Pomeroy achieve freedom, but soon find themselves on a collision course. With Caroline Quentin. From December 1994.