A Gun For Christmas

In the aftermath of the trial of six boys accused of killing the young Nigerian boy, Damilola Taylor, BBC Television wanted to do an in depth report on the lives of the people living in the area of South London where he'd died.



After being savaged by the tabloid press, nobody wanted to talk to the media.

Esther Armah was the young reporter with the task of winning their trust.

Here she recalls the enormity of the task and her own education in completing it.

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Esther Armah was the young BBC journalist who had to win the trust of a South London housing estate where a terrible murder had become national headline news.

But in her role as fact finder for a television documentary she needed a guide.

In this, the second of her talks, she remembers the woman who opened doors and the impact of what the parents and children she met had to say about their daily life.