Gun, The [adapted By Mike Walker]



Mike Walker adapts C S Forester's gripping guerrilla warfare story set in Napoleonic Spain.

Made famous by Hollywood as The Pride and the Passion.

Partisan groups under charismatic leaders wage a desperate war in which no quarter is given by either side.

The hero of The Gun is the gun itself, a massive 18 pounder that is dragged across the mountains and plains of Spain - an epic task.

Throughout the story, the gun changes the lives of those who fight each other to the death in order to gain control of it.

The Gun is a companion piece to The Gun Goes to Hollywood, which tells the story behind the Hollywood version, which was directed by Stanley Kramer and starred Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra and Sophia Loren.

The writer

C S Forester was famous for his tales of adventure and military crusades, most notably the Hornblower series.

Mike Walker has written innumerable radio plays, and won a clutch of awards, including a Sony, BAFTA and Writers Guild Award.

His recent radio includes Our Mutual Friend for BBC Radio 4.

The cast

Jorge....Scott Arthur

El Balbanito....Matthew Gravelle

Isadore....Keiron Self

Carlos ONeill....Don Gilet

Father Bernard....Kevin Doyle

Duke Alonso....Sule Rimmi

Urquiola....Richard Nicholls

Producer....Polly Thomas

A BBC Radio Drama Cymru/Wales production.

CS Forester's gripping guerrilla warfare story set in Napoleonic Spain.