Growing Science



In the first of three programmes, Pippa Greenwood discovers how green-fingered scientists are producing amazing crops.

0102Perfect Plant20001113

Pippa Greenwood goes in search of the perfect plant.

0103 LASTGrannys Tonics20001120

Pippa Greenwood visits the scientists who are discovering that Granny's tonics really do work.

0201Seeds And Weeds20010723

Pippa Greenwood looks at how to encourage the seeds that are wanted, but not the weeds.

0202Flower Fauna20010730

Pippa Greenwood looks at the wildlife that helps plants grow.

0203Material Matters20010806

Pippa Greenwood finds out about weaving weeds and discovers why, for dyers, grass is not green.

0301It's A Jungle Out There20021104

Pippa Greenwood explores the horticultural science behind garden battles.

0302Conversation Piece20021111

Pippa Greenwood communicates with plants - and finds they talk back.

0303Colouring Book20021118

Pippa Greenwood explores the horticultural science behind the colours in flower beds and borders.