Grigorii Efimovich Rasputin - Almost The Truth


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Wally K Daly's portrait of the mad monk and his evil influence on the Russian Royal family

Wally K Daly's dramatic portrait of 'the mad monk' and his evil influence on the Russian Royal family. Stars Robert Glenister.


Geoffrey Whitehead (Actor)

Denys Hawthorne (Actor)

Richard Pearce (Actor)

Maurice Denham (Actor)

Michael Cochrane (Actor)

Stephen Critchlow (Actor)

Jane Whittenshaw (Actor)

David Timson (Actor)

David Collings (Actor)

Robert Glenister (Actor)

Norman Bird (Actor)

Andrew Branch (Actor)

Emma Fielding (Actor)

Becky Hindley (Actor)

Nicholas Boulton (Actor)

Patience Tomlinson (Actor)

Roger May (Actor)

Deborah Berlin (Actor)

Zulema Dene (Actor)

Caroline Strong (Actor)

Julie Hallam (Actor)

Wally Daly (Author)

Martin Jenkins (Producer)

Recorded on 1996-01-03.

Has history been unjust to Rasputin? Was he anything more than 'a mad monk' and evil influence on the Russian Royal family?