The Gowk Storm

A drama by Nancy Brysson Morrison about three sisters and their romantic adventures set in the Highlands of the late 19th century.

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Julia, Emmy and Lisbet Lockhart are three free-spirited sisters who live in a remote rural manse with their stern father, a minister, and their cheerful, but rather vague mother.

  • alan macdonald....Simon Donaldson
  • edwin strathairn....iain agnew
  • edwin strathearn....iain agnew
  • emmy....molly innes
  • innkeeper's wife....gerda stevenson
  • julia....gabriel quigley
  • lisbet....vicki liddelle
  • mr boyd....finlay mclean
  • mr lockhard....john shedden
  • mr lockhart....john shedden
  • mr naughton....john shedden
  • mrs lockhart....Eileen Mccallum
  • mrs lonie....gerda stevenson
  • produced and directed by david ian neville
  • stephen wingate....Simon Donaldson
  • toll-man....finlay mclean
  • uncle octavious....finlay mclean

  • 0220050111

    Lisbet is to take weekly Latin lessons.

    Julia takes a keen interest in the teacher.


    Forced to keep her romance with the schoolmaster secret, Julia now attracts the attention of Edwin Strathairn.


    In the midst of a storm, Julia is discovered sheltering with the schoolmaster.


    Lisbet is asked to act as go-between by Julia, but will she find Alan in time.


    A year has passed by, but can Julia move on from the heartbreak of the previous winter.


    Does Emmy know who she is in love with?


    Lisbet knows a dangerous secret, while Christine's fiance is desperate to see Emmy.


    After the death of her best friend, Emmy is wracked with guilt.

    10 LAST*20050121

    With Lisbet's help, Emmy intends to elope with Stephen.

    But will the best-laid plans work?