The Government Inspector


20090126 (BBC7)
20090127 (BBC7)

A VIP visitor arrives at a village, and is soon the target of love and gossip. Julian Rhind-tutt stars in Gogol's farce.

A VIP visitor arrives at a village, and is soon the target of love and gossip.


by Nikolai Gogol

Translated by Alistair Beaton

Gogol's landmark nineteenth century satire on corruption and sleaze.

A penniless clerk is mistaken for a Government official by a corrupt town council.

Starring Toby Jones and Paul Ritter.


Khlestakov - Toby Jones


Education Director - Jeremy Swift

Anna - Frances Barber

Osip/ Gendarme - Russell Tovey

Marya - Daisy Haggard

Dobchinsky - SEAN FOLEY

Bobchinsky - Mark Heap

Shopkeeper 2 / Postmaster - Paul Rider

Widow / Magistrate's Wife - CAROLINE GUTHRIE

Locksmith's Wife / Khlopov's Wife - Janice Acquah

Abdulin / Liuliukov - Jonathan Tafler

Mishka / Constable / Shopkeeper 1 - BENJAMIN ASKEW

Waiter / Doctor (German) / Ratakovsky - Matt Addis

Superintendent / Shopkeeper 3 / Korobkin - Stephen Hogan

Magistrate - Stephen Critchlow

Health Commissioner - Malcolm Tierney

Avdotya / Korobkin's Wife - LIZZIE WATTS

Producer - Sally Avens

Gogol's play from 1836 still delights audiences today with its satirical swipes at political self-serving, sleaze and vice.

A dazzling blend of preposterous characters and all-too-real situations, Nabokov called The Government Inspector the greatest play in the Russian language.

Gogol's satire on corruption and sleaze starring Toby Jones and Paul Ritter.