Gosling In Retail



Tracing the varied paths taken by one Italian family, Ray Gosling visits Barrow-In-Furness, Morecambe and Leicester in search of the Bruccianis.

Over one hundred years ago Luidi Brucciani walked across Europe to London and sold plaster casts for a living.

By the Second World War, Brucciani's ice cream and coffee bars were well known across the North West.

Today, branches of the family are still in the catering trade, though the business has altered radically.


Staffordshire was once synonymous with pottery manufacturing, which created a landscape littered with characteristic bottle shaped ovens and factories known locally as pot banks.

But since the industry went into decline, the local population have changed the way they work and many of the factories have been flattened.

Ray Gosling travelled to Burslem, near Stoke on Trent, to visit one surviving pot bank, making and selling blue and white Burleighware china the old fashioned way, and meets Rosemary and Will Dorling, the married couple who took it over - without any previous experience.

Written and Presented by Ray Gosling.

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When Liverpool's sole independent brewer was taken over by two Sikh brothers from Chatham, whose previous experience began selling fish and chips, some doubted whether Cains would survive.

But when Ray Gosling visited their Victorian brewery on the shores of Toxteth, he discovered how deeply Ajmail and Sudaghara Dusanj had taken to Merseyside, and the making and marketing of traditional beers.

Written and presented by Ray Gosling.