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This authentic drama takes us inside the intelligence agency GCHQ, where agents are tracking three young British Muslims as they head for Syria.

Henry Morcombe, an experienced GCHQ analyst, is tasked with establishing whether they intend to deliver humanitarian aid or join the armed conflict. He realises that there is more to this case than meets the eye when the team discovers the boys' true purpose in Syria.

How to protect the public while keeping within legal and ethical boundaries is far from straightforward, and tensions emerge as the team responds to unfolding events.

GCHQ (Government Communications Head Quarters) has come under closer scrutiny in recent years and yet little is known about the operations of this highly secretive, but strategically essential, spy agency. The production team gained access to GCHQ during the making of the drama. The story and the characters presented here are fictional.

Written by Fin Kennedy

Story consultant: Kris Hollington

Sound design: Alisdair McGregor

Produced and directed by Boz Temple-Morris

A Holy Mountain production for BBC Radio 4.