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20100314by Debbie Tucker Green|A young woman has gone missing.|No-one knows what has happened to her.|She is described by an unconnected group of people whose lives she touched in some way on the last day anyone saw her.|One or two of them knew her, some met her briefly and some just happened to see her.|CAST:|Young Woman 1....Sheri-An Davis|Young Woman 2....Michelle Asante|Cab Driver (Jaswinder)....Emil Marwa|Cab Driver's Girlfriend....Manjinder Virk|New Mum....Nadine Marshall|New Dad....Alex Lanipekun|Elaine....Naana Agyei-Ampadu|Burger Bar Worker....Richie Campbell|Girlfriend (of Burger Bar Worker)....Seroca Davis|Security Guard....Alan Williams|Wife of Security Guard....Dystin Johnson|Nathan....Jeffrey Kissoon|Bruce....Justin Pierre|Linda....Nicola Walker|Linda's Husband....Justin Salinger|Man on Bench....Danny Lee Wynter|Directed by Debbie Tucker Green|Produced by Mary Peate|What people saw - or think they saw, saw wrongly, presumed through glimpses of her at different times - reveals more and more about the woman and what happened on the last day she was seen.|As these unconnected people try to recollect what happened, each of them is fairly confident they know what they saw, but the story shifts with every new bit of information.|We learn who these unreliable witnesses are and at what point in their lives we are meeting them.|We also hear from the woman herself and gain some sense of how she got to where she did and what went on when there were no witnesses.|The different versions of events slowly build to a disjointed version of who the woman was and what may have happened to her as the fragments of truth are drawn together.|As well as a fascinating study of the impossibility of discovering one objective version of reality, 'gone' is a series of beautifully detailed vignettes of the intimate lives of an group of individuals, revealing their troubling secrets, their cruelties and their joys.|Writer:|Debbie Tucker Green has written freefall (shortlisted for a Prix Europa Award 2002); to swallow (2003) and handprint (2006) for BBC Radio.|Most recently she wrote and directed heat for Hillbilly films, which was screened at The London Film Festival 2009.|Other TV short film includes spoil (2007).|Stage plays include random (Royal Court 2008 and 2010); generations (Young Vic 2007); trade (RSC 2005), stoning mary (Royal Court 2005); Born Bad (Hampstead 2003) and Dirty Butterfly (Soho 2003).|She won the Olivier Award for Most Promising Newcomer in 2004.|Written by Debbie Tucker Green.|Drama about a young woman who goes missing.