Going, Going, Gone

Five programmes which rummage through the wares at auctions around the country.

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01The Jersey Marine Auction1998051219990208

The annual social event at which islanders can pick up a cheap oilskin and catch up on local gossip.

02The Inverurie Livestock Auction1998051919990209

In Scotland, small farmers struggle to get a good price for their cattle in a market ravaged by BSE and dwindling export sales.

03The Corkscrew Auction1998052619990210

The biggest date in the corkscrew collector's calendar takes place at Christie's in London. International devotees salivate over a rare Philos Blake patent with a catalogue price of 8,000 pounds.

04The Lost Property Auction1998060219990211

A consignment of condensed soup, a brass toilet seat and a stash of bungee tape come under the hammer at Stalybridge in Cheshire.

05 LASTThe Promise Auction1998060919990212

A fund-raising auction for the Catholic church in the Oxfordshire village of Dorchester-on-Thames. Home-baked croissants, guitar lessons and a caravan holiday in Salcombe are some of the lots on offer.