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Kirsten O'brien discovers the truth about Henry VIII.|Kirsten O'brien meets some of the children in a new production of Snow White.|Kirsten O'brien goes shopping with children to find out what's cool and what's not.|Barney Harwood talks ice, sleighs and polar bears as he finds out about life in the Arctic|Barney Harwood is given a tour of the A Grand Day Out exhibition at the Science Museum.|Children's magazine as Barney Harwood presents a show packed with lively debate and guests|Children's magazine.|Barney Harwood meets author Cathy Cassidy.|Barney Harwood does some creative writing with author Andy Stanton.|Kirsten O'brien looks back at the year on Go4it.|Natalie Barrass receives a chocolate tutorial from author Vivian French.|Kirsten O'brien and a group of schoolchildren explore children's games through the ages.|Kirsten O'brien and a group of primary school children from Gloucestershire explore children's games through the ages and try out Sardines, Simon Says, Stuck in the Mud and Chinese Whispers.|In a special edition of the children's magazine recorded at the Free Thinking Festival in Liverpool, Barney Harwood talks to an audience of children about how to make the world a better place.|Barney Harwood and the team investigate money and the current financial crisis.|They ask why the banks are in such trouble, whether children are more sensible than adults with money, and examine money and business in the 17th century with the historian Viv Richardson.|Children's magazine presented by Kirsten O'brien.|She and the team get an old-fashioned makeover at the Museum of Childhood's Top to Toe children's clothing exhibition, and illustrators Mimi Grey and Niamh Sharkey discuss how they dressed the heroes of their new picture books.|Barney Harwood and the team visit the Cambridge Science Festival.|Barney Harwood finds out how children and opera get along together.|Children's magazine presented by Barney Harwood.|Barney Harwood and the team find out about Charles Darwin at the Natural History Museum.|Kirsten O'brien meets Pixar animator John Lasseter.|Barney Harwood is joined by gadget geek Jason Bradbury to talk about robots.|Barney Harwood finds out about Barack Obama.|Kirsten O'brien explores how memory works.|Kirsten O'brien meets David Walliams to talk about his book The Boy In The Dress.|Kirsten O'brien learns about tales of ghostly hauntings at Ham House in London.|Kirsten O'brien learns about tales of ghostly hauntings at Ham House in London, said to be haunted by both man and beast, and gets a lesson in writing a horror story from Vampirates author Justin Somper.|Kirsten O'brien learns how to crack a joke with lessons from a stand-up comedy teacher.|Kirsten O'brien and the team learn how to crack a joke with lessons from a stand-up comedy teacher and a successful 13-year-old comedian.|They also find out what makes a book funny with a trip to the Roald Dahl Funny Prize awards ceremony.|How a passion for ships led to Jordan, a boy from land-locked Botswana, being on board the Queen Mary II in Southampton.|Plus a review of Igor, a new animated movie about mad scientists and their helpers.|Kirsten O'brien presents the children's magazine.|Charlie Higson talks about his latest Young Bond adventure, which sees the boy spy's first foray into romance.|Natalie Barrass presents the children's magazine.|She speaks to Sarah Boynton, author of the childrens' music book Blue Moo.|Also musical comedian Mitch Benn gives a workshop on funny songs, and an interview about Disney's latest musical, Camp Rock.|She goes for a walk in the woods with an unusual book club for fans of Life in the Wood with Joni-pip, a time-travel adventure starring a talking teddy-bear and a very silly pigeon, written by Carrie King for her niece Joni.|Also featured is an interview with Sally Nicholls, award-winning author of Ways To Live Forever.|Barney Harwood travels back to Britain just after the Second World War with the help of author Michelle Magorian|Barney Harwood presents the children's magazine.|He visits the Science Museum for an exhibition called Science of Survival, where his guests design a city for the year 2050, attempting in the process to predict how we will be living 40 years on.|He meets dragon enthusiasts, including imaginary pet expert Professor Georgie Blink.|He is joined by Gareth P Jones, author of the Dragon Detective Agency series|He meets a couple of wizards who teach him some magic spells.|At the Movieum of London, he comes face to face with icons from the set of Star Wars.|Natalie Barrass finds out what it takes to make a film from some young nominees in the First Light Movie Awards, while Barney meets a 15-year-old girl who won a BAFTA last year for her CBBC meandmymovie feature.|Barney Harwood presents the children's magazine which explores everything from pop music to ancient Rome.