Globe Theatre 95


Programme Catalogue - Details: The Dolphinarium19960115

First broadcast on 1995-04-24

Producer: UNKNOWN

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SBH:THE DOLPHINARIUM - a play by Steve Walker. Kill every living dolphin and you destroy human individuality. Cue a devious American senator who is bent on world domination. With Michael Cochrane, Bill Paterson, and Ed Bishop. Produced by Gordon House. From the series Globe Theatre 95.

OTN:SLN502/93DA3512 TXN/TDT:R4 24-Apr-1995 ANT:Op & Cl

Broadcast history

24 Apr 1995 14:02-15:00 (RADIO 4)

15 Jan 1996 14:02-15:00 (RADIO 4)


Michael Barnes (Actor)

Michael Cochrane (Actor)

Bill Paterson (Actor)

Andrew Branch (Actor)

Madhav Sharma (Actor)

Renu Setna (Actor)

David Antrobus (Actor)

Kristin Milward (Actor)

Helen Horton (Actor)

Eiji Kusuhara (Actor)

Briony Glassco (Actor)

Avril Clarke (Actor)

Steve Walker (Author)

Gordon House (Producer)

Notes: CAIRS 689805