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Aamir Khan
Andrew Witty - Ceo Glaxosmithkline
China's Dispossessed (part 1)
Chinese Hare, Indian Tortoise?
Counting The Not For Profits
Dame Barbara Stocking
Doing Business In Russia20111106

Three businessmen tell Peter Day about doing business in Russia.

French Lessons

Growing Pains
Here Comes Indonesia

Hidden Depths2010091820100919

London-born Graham Hawkes is the man who has created a submersible vessel that flies through the deepest ocean like a plane.

Peter Day reports from his workshop in California, where he wonders why space exploration makes decades of headlines while it is so hard to get backers for deepsea travel into a world no-one has ever seen.

The story of a submersible vessel that flies through the ocean like a plane

Luxury Brands

Mark Anderson
Non Consuming Passion

Off To Market
Operation Robot

Power Play2010092120100922

Huge sums are being put into the Intelligent Grid. Peter Day investigates.

Huge hopes (and vast sums of money) are being pinned on the so-called Intelligent Grid: a new network of electricity systems feeding information about supply and demand across the grid all the time. Peter Day asks what's happening to our power supplies, and why.

Professor Michael Porter
Reverse Innovation20120429

Innovation from the developing world.

Singapore (part 1)
Singapore (part 2)
Singapore Start-ups
The Edge Of Europe20090502

Peter Day takes a close look at Iceland's role in the world economic crisis.

In the third part of this series, Peter Day takes a close look at Iceland's role in the world economic crisis and where it goes from here.

Two Women

02Are Ceo's Up To The Job?
02Singapore Start-ups - - All Wired Up