Programmes that catch life on the wing.


EF01Morning Music1998041219981011

When Percy Craske was young and used to run, there was a moment when he `heard music'. Will the music return on an early-morning dip into the icy water of a London pond?

EF02Scratching The Surface1998041919981018

Roger Mcwee searches for the past with a metal detector. What is he hoping to find?

EF03Stationery In Falkirk1998042619981025

Archaeologist and budding writer Andrew Petersen goes to a stationery shop to feel the paper yet again.

EF04 LASTMorning Solutions1998051019981101

Carole Hardie has to start each day with a crossword. We glimpse her life as she sits alone at home, solving clues between sips of ritual coffee.