The Glasgow Climbing Club



By David Napthine A fictional adventure based on the real GLASGOW Climbing Club, formed in the 1930s by a group of shipyard workers.

The Creagh Dhu, as they called themselves, were legendary risk takers who broke a number of rules.

Climbing had been the preserve of the middle classes but this group of hard drinking trades unionists turned the pastime on its head, dedicated to the politics of the Red Clyde and climbing wherever they wanted with makeshift equipment.

In David Napthine's story, set in 1936, three members of the group set out on a climb: one a shop steward, another a political activist and the third unemployed.

Trying to leave behind the stormy politics of the GLASGOW shipyard where they work, the three men shelter in storm-lashed bothy on the hills where they are joined by a mysterious stranger.

Is he a member of the club, a spy for the gaffers or just an inexperienced climber? A night of drink-fuelled politics and a thrilling climbing adventure lie ahead.

John....Tom Mannion Davey....Forbes Masson Willie....Vincent Friell Robbie....Mark Bonnar Produced by Jonquil Panting