Giving It Back



A comedy adventure about how hard it can be to do the right thing.

When Johnny, a small-time thief, is disturbed during a burglary his life changes.

Inspired, he rushes home to share the good news with his heavily-pregnant girlfriend Laura.

He's decided to give everything back - all the things he has ever stolen.

Laura isn't keen - she's even less enthusiastic when Johnny takes the telly back.

And then she goes into labour.

Set and recorded in Cardiff, Kevin Dyer's play is a race-against the clock - can Johnny get everything sorted before the baby comes? Johnny goes back to every house, shop, every scene of every crime.

This is the story of what he gets in return - mockery, humiliation, a spell in the cells.

but also, at the end, a glimmer of hope.


Johnny - Gareth Milton

Laura - Catrin Stewart

Nadine - Rhiannon Oliver

Big Ronnie - Matthew Gravelle

Mrs Williams - Siriol Jenkins

Craig - Keiron Self

A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Stefan Escreet.

Comedy about Johnny, a small-time thief, who decides to return everything he has stolen.